Gastronomical CookBook

Eating Well, Always

These recipes have been developed by students from the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec and by the cooks from La Maison de Gardanne, a palliative care residence located in the south of France. The recipes have been adapted to allow full enjoyment even when swallowing might present a problem. We are thankful for the generous contribution of Bessy Bitzas and Devon Phillips to this recipe collection. Here are a few small suggestions to increase the enjoyment of these recipes: serve small portions (100-150 g) on small plates, aim for an appetizing presentation, and in order to preserve the appetite, medication should be taken after the meal when possible. But most of all, let’s remember to enjoy the pleasure of eating with family and friends.

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Bon appétit !
Chair of the 22nd International Congress on Palliative Care